Newspaper Press Photo from Georgia Newspaper
Bobcat at the Wildlife Rescue Ranch I visited in Terrell Texas.
Peacock and Purple53
I am on a really nice farm in North Carolina. They have emu, goat, chicken, and lama. February 2008
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Happy message from Angel Hess
Posted by Angel   ·   Thursday, October 22, 2009
Purple53 was a very successful art project, but ended mid 2009. Angel Hess is now working on his new exciting project: Arts To Peace. Please visit the new website at:
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A Day of Peace
Posted by Angel   ·   Thursday, June 25, 2009
The Peace in the World today June 25th 2009 is Amazing! Most people are not thinking about themselves because of two famous deaths including Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett. I love the peace happening right now. This is what I always dream about, a day of peace, when people think about others as much as they do themselves. Simply Amazing. And the best part of it is the media has little control over the wide spread emotions. People are talking to each other about it directly from one side of the Earth to the other side of the Earth.
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Posted by Angel   ·   Wednesday, June 17, 2009
Purple53 was Hijacked, sometime in May 2009. The inside of Purple53 was ravishly trashed and gutted. The vandals poured gallons of paint, buckets of cow feed, boxes of tile grout, jars of vaseline, everywhere inside Purple53. They robbed the generator, wood burning stove, panel heater, solar power equipment, jewelry, gem collection, and other electronics. It was a smelly fainting sight at first, dead mice and bugs flying everywhere. Luckily the only truly important items were not harmed at all and were recovered. As well, I was not harmed in this horrible event. The Journey of Purple53 will Live on! Purple53 II will be coming soon!
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Posted by Angel   ·   Monday, June 01, 2009
I am depressed. The people, my contacts in Colorado have randomly towed away my truck. That is sad. I might never get it back now. My mom and some friends keep telling me to try and get it back but I can not stand all this pain. On top of that my girlfriend thinks I am working for the devil and satin, and she will not believe a word I am saying. We split up for a third time. There is too much hate in this world I know. I would never have thought it would have gotten so close to me.
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Posted by Angel   ·   Wednesday, May 06, 2009
I guess I scared away Keith Larson because he never did the interview. And other BIG news, Purple53 might be dead for ever, it is still parked in Colorado without a running engine. My contacts in Colorado have been threatening me a lot so I am ignoring them and probably will never speak to them again. Alex Nicholos said he was going to tow the truck to the scrap yard for money and also took a poop inside the truck as well as rolling down the windows so rain and snow will go inside to trash all the insides. I am doing some networking, friend searching, freelance job looking, while hiding out in the West. Now I am between Arizona and California again. I plan on not living in the truck for a while and might stop it all together. Who knows what the world will bring me.
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Many Good Times!
Posted by Angel   ·   Monday, April 06, 2009
I am being interviewed by the Keith Larson Show out of Charlotte NC, for the second time tomorrow, April 7 2009, at 8am Pacific Time or 11am Eastern Time.  We will be discussing most likely things that have been going on over the last year.  Including the recent breakup with Alicia.  She is the best thing that happened to me this year and it is hard to part ways.  A few other things that happened over the last year are...  I visited a Wildlife Rescue Ranch in Terrell TX and got to play with wild animals like bobcats and mini goats.  I got to hold a week old baby raccoon too.  Rest stops in Texas really suck I must say.  I was stuck in New Mexico during a big dust and wind storm, which was indeed crazy.  When I got to Tucson Arizona I met up with my Dad.  He helped me change spark plugs in the truck's engine.  I was on CNN Headline News, on the News To Me Show.  I stayed at a small wine Vineyard in Jamul California, helped in the vineyard and learned about growing grapes.  I visited Del Dios California near Lake Hodges.  This place is a beautiful quiet area.  I made a lot of friends in this area near Escondido.  One friend gave me a Tae Kwon Do lesson and it was fun.  I was picking some flowers and was stung by a bee on the palm of my hand.  That hurt a lot!  I lived in Jacumba California at Jacumba Hot Springs Resort for about 6 months. Jacumba is a small town bordering Mexico.  I meet a lot of unique people in Jacumba.  Some of the people on bicycle and motorcycle tours across country.
I grew a small garden there.  I met up with a childhood friend in Colorado Springs and moved Purple53 to Fountain Colorado.  I also got my motorcycle license which was fun.
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Leading Without Money
Posted by Angel   ·   Friday, February 20, 2009
I thought recently that maybe I am a leader because I surely do not follow other people's ways and furthermore people respect what I am doing and they want to learn from what I am doing.  I started asking some random questions to people and family over the last week, one question was what percentage of vehicles on the road today are paid for and owned by the driver; the answer or guess was 25% or less.
Another question was, have you ever traded a skill or service for something other than money; and the answer surprisingly was: NO.  Personally I think it is odd and interesting how most people fall back 200% on money, relying on it for everything in their lives, from popularity to food to control to romance.  I have always had trouble giving people money myself, maybe its because I like it or maybe its because I like giving in other ways or maybe I am more creative than most.  I think we have to start teaching young people to share more and trade more so when they grow up they can have other options to fall back on and so they are not extremely dependent on money.  The far fetched idea of having large and small companies allow people to trade should also be a reality.
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