Angel Hess
Fine Art Prints

I am happy to make the photographs in my online gallery available to you as beautiful fine art prints, on a donation basis; these donations help support my photography. My current projects including Arts To Peace, No Dough Bakery, and Purple53. Photography is one of my biggest passions, it is what I am blessed with as a gift. It gives me much joy when I am able to share my photography with everyone, no matter your income.

If you would like a print, please email including your full name and home address, donation amount offered, your email address, and the title of photo(s) you so desire. My email address is You may also make a donation right now, online by clicking here.

To achieve the highest quality print with greatest color and longevity, each print is digitally printed on fine art photo paper. Each print I sign by hand to show the genuine authenticity.

All prints are produced using Fujicolor Crystal Archive Pearl Paper. This Pearl paper contains natural pearly mica crystals covered with a thin layer of metal oxides. These lend pictures such an intense warmth and depth; they become a true sensation for the eye. This paper boasts a life expectancy of over 75 years when taken care of correctly.

Dad in La Jolla California
Angel Hess, © 1992-2010, "Artist with Super Powers."