survey says? where do you pee? what's inside? do you use drugs? that's not a house!
This page is dedicated to those who have in some way supported Purple53. Donated 2500 Purple53 Logo Stickers
Pure Kitchen Donated Richlite material for bathroom
No-Rinse Laboratories Donated norinse cleaning products Donated Elara strip LED Lighting
Willburg Cafe Donated food for the 2007 Party
Mark Garrison Salon Donated gift certificate for fundraiser
Greenhouse Holistic Yoga Donated gift certificate for fundraiser
Village Church of NYC $1295 in care/supplies for 2006 winter & 2007
Linda and George Nicholos $850~ Emergency money for Colorado journey.
Alex Nicholos Driving to CO, Engine help, Truck fixes.
Jacque and Nancy Garry Parked on their farm in Georgia and was WELL FED.
Xtimbers Ranch Animal Rescue Parked on this wildlife ranch in Terrell Texas.
Dale Rose, Wind Child Farm Parked on their farm in Mississippi.
Hugo Crosthwaite Good friend donated money, food, and time.
Caron Eule Good friend donated money, food for party, and time.
Lisa James and Wendy Walker Food and supplies from Trader Joe's
Naomi Thompson $80 donation
Gary and Amy Sauter Helped with construction.
David Bunn and Family In 2008 they invited me to their home in Richmond VA
Brandon and Tre Rawls In 2006 they invited me their home in Flagstaff AZ
Lance Israel and family Driveway and home in Flagstaff AZ
Larry Hess $135 donation
Henry Leung $50 donation
Susan Magario $50 donation
John Frisbie $50 donation and helping hands.
Patrick Patterson $40 donation
Faith Jennings $40 donation
Erin Jennings Blanket
The Tate family Support
Carlos & Jason Sanchez $30 donation
Richard Cohen $10 donation
Megan Prentiss $100 donation and heater supply.
Sarah of Williamsburg Stayed over during cold nights 2006 winter.
Pascal Rekoert $30 donation
Mauro Hernandez $35 donation
Mr. Octavio Storage of spare tire.
Sergei Hasegawa Owner of Pure Kitchen donated Richlite for bathroom.
Danny Garcia $30 donation
Rick Carriere $20 donation
Johnny Fong $10 donation
Dustin Stephens $18 donation
Theresa Birdwell $15 donation
Catharine Strandberg $8 donation
Gary Smith $5 donation
Judy Polifka $20 donation
Dariusz Lipski $20 donation
Erika Hayasaki Los Angeles Times
Scott Rapoport CBS 2 News NYC
Tina Cone MSNBC New York
Jonathan Watkins KFDI 101.3 FM, Kansas Radio
Alice Stockton-Rossini WINS 1010 AM, NYC Radio
Tracy Connor New York Daily News
New York Dance Community Donations
Home Depot Wood and all supplies.
Whole Foods Spoons, knifes, forks, honey.
Barnes & Noble Bookstore Toilets
Starbucks Power, water, napkins.