survey says? where do you pee? what's inside? do you use drugs? that's not a house!
These are the most common questions asked.
Q Where do you go to the bathroom (pee, poop, bathe, etc)?
A Let me start out by saying there is a bathroom in Purple53.  The bathroom inside is quaint.  The surface which you sit on is made from Richlite material.  Richlite is a paper-based fiber composite and was donated by Pure Kitchen in Williamsburg Brooklyn.  The bathroom has aluminum tub for bathing and dry toilet.  Instead of showering and wasting gallons and gallons of water, you sit down and use the bathing tub to clean yourself with small amounts of water and a cloth.  The walls in the bathroom are oak panel and white tile.  I plan to be in Metropolitan cities some of the time I made the bathroom without running water or storage tanks because it is impossible to find waste disposal sites in cities.  After each use you throw away your waste in reused plastic bags with nontoxic chemical compounds that solidify liquids.
Q What's inside?
A There is solar power; led lighting system that will last 30 years, a wood burning stove for cooking, heat, and hot water; two skylights, desk with glass top and built in display case, a dry toilet and wash tub.  I have a really cool dresser I found in Brooklyn being thrown away, it is solid wood and it looks like a set of stairs, but it moves around when I drive which can be annoying.  There are three heat sources, the wood stove, the special flat panel electric heater, and a butane heater.  Nice little natural woven rugs on the bamboo floor.  A whole lot of old supplies that are in messy boxes that I still need to organize.  There is not a refrigerator because I don't eat stuff that needs to be that cold.  I do like ice cream and I plan to try a cooler with dry-ice at one point to cool ice-cream. 
Q Do you use drugs?
A Absolutely 100% NO.  A lot of people think that since the truck is being lived in and it is color purple it must be inhabited by someone who smokes a lot of marijuana and or eat a lot of hallucinogenic mushrooms.  This however is NOT TRUE.  I am not opposed to these things because they are only natural PLANT and FUNGI growing out there in nature, but they doesn't rank any higher than rosemary, the cacao bean, or shitake mushrooms.  Food is medicine and all things in moderation.
Q That's not a house!
A People commonly feel sorry when a person lives in a vehicle; as if living in a vehicle is the last step before being out on the street with a shopping cart like the rest of the New York bums.  Even some friends say it is not a house and they persist in the idea that we should have a permanent dwelling somewhere.  This is an apartment!!!  And it MOVES!  It is just a different way of living that caters to the inner nomad.  It is an apartment camouflaged as a truck.  We have made it very comfortable to live in and you can make any place comfortable enough to call home.  Try it.  Try it on Mars.