survey says? where do you pee? what's inside? do you use drugs? that's not a house!
Angel Hess, Photography
The photography website of Angel Hess, includes dance, fashion, art, and nature photography.
Imagine. A Vagabond Story
A website about vagabond stories and a book by Grant Lingel.
Jacumba Hot Springs
An amazing hot springs get-away in Southern California - Highly recomended.
LED Supply
A good source for LED lighting
Soap and cleaning products that do not require water to rinse.
Davis Tent & Awning
Davis Tent & Awning sells really nice wood stoves that can easily be adapted for in home use.
Xantrex Technology
Resource for battery charging, 12 volt convertion, electrisity, and solar power.
Yamaha Generators of North America
A big variety of high quality generators; special light weight and quiet units available.
Austin Hardware
Great company in Texas that has some hard to find door latches and much much more.
PPL RV Parts Superstore
I highly recommending getting your RV parts from this place.  They have low prices and fast service.
Go Power Solar
Solar panels and chargers