survey says? where do you pee? what's inside? do you use drugs? that's not a house!
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San Diego Union-Tribune
  * Bread-truck apartment lets him roam country
» Man takes home on the road

  * In New York City, it all comes back to real estate, rent, and the neighborhoods we inhabit.
» It's Official: North Carolina is the New Williamsburg
» More Burg Affordable Housing Vanishes: Purple Truck is Gone

  * Gawker, Manhattan Media News and Gossip
» Shut Up, Brooklyn: Hipster In Purple Truck Is Headed For Your Mom's House
» Hipsters Of The Year Now Charging for "Interviews"
» Hipster Of The Year Lives In Bread Truck In Williamsburg

The Providence Journal
  * April 21st, 2007
» New York artistsí home is a bread truck

The Seattle Times
  * April 19th, 2007
» Struggling New York choose truck instead of apartment

Daily Herald
  * April 19th, 2007
» Living in a bread truck on very little bread

Brooklyn Record
  * March 5th, 2007
» Rent Too High? Try a Mobile Home

  March 4th, 2007
» Housing Too Expensive? Live in a Truck Instead