survey says? where do you pee? what's inside? do you use drugs? that's not a house!
Looking for good friends
Ideally California but open to other states out west, a farm or homestead to volunteer at for the summer in exchange for parking, electricity, and maybe a little fresh veggies from the garden.
Truck Maintenance
Ideally a new diesel engine but in the mean time new gaskets to stop current engine oil leaks, someone to install the newly donated wiring harness, new exhaust pipe because its about to fall off, 4 replacement legal split rims, fix the carburetor so it starts better like it used to, change the transmission oil because its getting dry when its hot and also oil the 2 speed back end.
Still need a radio or something to play more music.  I think I will be splurging money into a C. Crane Radio soon.
Truck Door Repairs
I got new door seals last year and they ended up not working so the doors still leak in the front and the back, they leak lots of water and air so that would be really great to get fixed.  I'm planing to get some stick on seals soon.
Truck Visuals
A brand new paint job with colors purple and silver.
More Solar Power
I want to get one more 20 watt solar panel for the roof so I don't have to plug in so much to 120volt power.
Bathroom Tile Installation
I have the tile for the bathroom but I don't have the adhesive yet and also I'm a little nervous about putting up vertical tiles because I've never done it before but its ready to get started on soon.
French Door Seals
Sealing up the swinging doors in the front so air doesn't pass through them during the winter.  I have the doors screwed in oddly, there is a big gap on each side and bottom and top, so I am thinking of using clear vinyl on the edges to close the airways off then it will stay warmer inside during winter.
Dog or Goat
I've wanted to get a small dog or even a small goat.  I know a goat sounds silly to a lot of you but they're vegetarians so they're easier to feed, less expensive to feed, and they're really fun.
I really need a bicycle so I can get around once I am parked for a while.  I really love the popular New York City type by Dahon, they fold up so they don't take up much space at all and would fit good in the truck.